Ringtail at ShapeShifter – NGrid

©Photo Praline B – All the pictures are taken at ShapeShifter, NGrid 

The buid is by Elif Ayiter

A very quiet and good hangout place.

Also, Ringtail’s (which is an extension of alpha.tribe in SL) operates as a freebie store at ShapeShifter.

New Genres Grid was founded by artists in 2010 as Non-Profit-Organisation. It’s focus is upon creating a virtual world with dignity and design pattern. This world’s contamination will be in the arts, education and design. Liquid, flummoxed and experimental. The grid is online since january 2011.

« We create worlds of culture, using the powers of our own mind. »

Hypergrid Adress:hg.ngrid.org:8002:ShapeShifter