PainLines by Paula Abreu aka White Paper @Delicatessen – Craft World

©Photo Praline B – 15/06/21

« Delicatessen opened a new sim on Craft World.

The first project, “PainLines”, is by Paula Abreu aka White Paper.

Paula Abreu aka White Paper is a young student at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu – School of Education, completing the Arts and Multimedia Program. She begins her artistic activity in virtual worlds with PainLines, a virtual installation at Delicatessen region in the Craft World.

This is an environment that combines two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements and invites the visitors to go through/uncover the details that the design/reality hides about violence against women. It is in this sense that we can go around and observe the movements of each character and capture the emotions of each composition. »

Source:Delicatessen website

This installation will not let you indifferent. The simplicity and delicacy of treatment on a such subject is simply poignant.

A first attempt inworld very hopeful.

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Paula Abreu