Organic geometry by Morlita Quan – Opening

©Photo Praline B -Opening « Organic Geometry » by Morlita Quan + Yadleen (sound) + SaveMe Oh ( visual effects) at The Eye, art gallery, friday, june 24.

Morlita Quan presents real life work which mix classical painting with a post graphic design work focused on the lights and geometry.
Inspired by the nature, this collection tries to show an abstract concept about the beautiful nature’s shapes with a strong touch of the geometry, always guided by the feelings.

The exhibition is sill on the walls of the Eye art gallery on Second Life (

At the opening, we had the pleasure to hear the unique Yadleen Sound with the visual effects by SaveMe Oh.

In Second Life, MORLITA Quan was born in 2008:
DJ,composer,2D and 3D artist, begins exhibitions at 2010 and keeps working with music and arts.

You may also visit, in the great metaverse of OpenSimulator,  her artwork  at 3D Exhibition at Virtual Museum of Modern and contemporary arts of  Strasbourg. OpenSim_ Ever Grid (hop://

MorlitaM Soundcloud

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Petals... by MorlitaM
Petals… by MorlitaM

Poem to the nature by MORLITA Quan – Original poem in Spanish

:::My Gaia, Gaia of my :::

« Guardian and Lady
you dare without permission to intoxicate me of you

You know it good, my pleasure is to feel you
Without say it …
Without scream it…
Without a minimum word …
You know, I owe to you
not as a slave, more like a part of your audacity

You know it good, Guardian and Lady
the little submission which I can have belongs to you
Without say it …
Without scream …
Without a minimum expression
You achieve a total freedom of that vulgar and sublime submission

I know you know it
Every time I climb you with pain if I think I won’t overtake your tops
Whenever I smell your different tears with the change of season
Every time I immerse myself in your roots under the mantle of your winds
I know you know it, Guardian and Lady
Without say it …
Without scream it …
Without a single sigh
I will dance at your leisure robbing all clothes that dares to separate my skin of your splurges power

How much wisdom you can accumulate
if even without me saying it to you…you know it
You know my pleasure is to feel you
Without no more consciousness than be myself in your depth

Tell me more , allows delight me with your knowledges ;
those that you keep in silent but you don’t hide … Because you know it ,
but without say it …
Without scream it…
Without a minimum word …

You keep silent as me even to knowing
there is no needed nothing more than the sensory language
I don’t care if you tries to scared me with the nigh or you tries burn me with the day
I’m not afraid of you, but I am afraid of you

Like me, without words…
Even if you are hidden you reborn with your elementary corners

Without say it …
Without scream it…
Without demagoguery …
You ARE without arrogance to knowing you will always be
To knowing you are the All
Guardian and Lady of mine,
Even in silent I scream you
Speechless… »