Inside the artwork of GrandLapin – WrongGrid Pavilion @FrancoGrid

©Photo Praline B -Inside the artwork of GrandLapin – Camouflage on the Grid – WrongGrid Pavilion for The Wrong(again).

GrandLapin was first mentioned in about 2002, as the virtual father of two fictional rabbits, P’titLapin and ToutP’titLapin, and the author of a martial arts meditation method . After a long period of silence and apparent inactivity, he definitely settled in the Internet where he now lives and works .
His recent works shown in online exhibitions also include « GrandLapin was in the Void », for « Beautiful Interfaces », Wrong Pavilion curated by Miyö Van Stenis, 2013 ; « Δανάη », for « Computers and Capital : The Rise of Digital Currency », curated by Eric Rzepka, Vancouver, 2014 ; « Walking a line on (Google) Earth », for « Net-Recycling », curated by Matthieu Delourme, Hangzhou, 2013, and « GrandLapin Tropical à Paris », for « BYOB Tropical Paris », curated by Miyö Van Stenis, Paris, 2014 .

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