HG Safari 110, the last for the season

©Photo Praline B – Two destinations for the 110th of HG Safari and the last one for the season.

The region Ophrys, a buid by Nani Ferguson and Ange Menges, was openened only few hours for our pleasure. By the way, Nani and Ange are pure builders of the ephemeral.

They use to build on Metropolis Grid and OsGrid.

And as closing party for this season, HG Safari was invited by Thai Low to the Endivatomic Solstice Party at Stonehenge. The region surrounded by ancient stones filled with the spirits of events past, has the central area dedicated to ancestral dances ’round the fire with the sound of Lucrezia Flores.

We wish an happy summer to all the safarits and special thanks and thoughts for Thirza Ember, the Safarista Queen! HG Safari will start a new season in september. Stay in touch following its facebook page

Hypergrid Adress:endivatomic.eu:8002:Stonehevent

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