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Just a walk in Panthalassa…

©Photo PralineB – janvier 2015

Panthalassa is build and owned by Kayaker Magic at Kitely grid.

Home of Ocean Engineering, showcase of surfable waves, surfboards, kayaks, sail boats with realistic responce to the wind, windsurfer that rides both the wind and waves, white water rivers and kayaks to ride them. Everything for your water, and more! Come try them out here! This is a 3×3 mega-region that is over half water for sailing on!
I have a store on Panthalassa now: The Chandlery, a marine supply store for builders. If you build boats you will want to come by and see what is available! Compasess, ship’s binnacle, speedometers, tachometers, different types of sails, paddle wheels, outboard and inboard motors. These are all « inteligent prims » that talk to each other and start working when you just link them into your boat. (They should also work on other types of vehicles like areoplanes — well not the paddlewheel). Come try out the demo boats in front of the store!
Now I have a herd of dinosaurs! Hadrosaurs and velociraptors wander around peacefully together until you show up and start blasting them with the demo M1 Garand rifle available there. More weapons are available at the archery range. Practice in the archery range with the demo bows, then go hunting Yerik in the rainforest. In the canopy of the rainforest there is a nest of Ikran, giant flying creatures. One of them will even let you jump on and fly it around.
Come and explore! There is a sea cave that leads into one of the craters, a whirlpool lake in the top of a volcano. A secret lair inside the volcano. (Where else would a mad scientist hava a lair?) See if you can find your way inside!
Panthalassa was the name of the world ocean before continental drift split the continents apart.

Kayaker Magic, Panthalassa / Kitely

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