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A case study of the scene 06 for the Hypergrid Story Project (Immersive Edge) by Nara Malone.

« Our goal is to bring together creative minds from various grids to tell an immersive and interactive tale. We would like to highlight what is special about Opensim: variable regions, NPCs, OSSL functions, and the collaborative community growing up around the hypergrid. » Nara Malone.

The scene 06 will be narrated (build) by Cherry Manga and PralineB.
Postulate :  Disaster strikes and Protagonist has a dark night of the soul that forces him to finally make the needed personal change.

According to the all scenes and particularly to the scenes 05 & 07, a quick idea about what we may do :
Protagonists hop in the scene 06 and they will go through different states of consciousness.
Confusion, disorientation, sadness, abatement and supplication,anger, deny, hope, appeasement and questioning, introspection, situation assessment, solution and metamorphosis.

The protagonists will discover that the all place is alive, and the atmosphere is one entity capable to interact with them with different means. For example, bubbles of consciousness reacting on touch.
This entity is very empathetic. So it follows the different moods of our protagonists. This is where the reader /visitor will be able to interact with this part of the story ( another step of our work to figure out).

When the protagonists will enter in the light, the metamorphosis will be.
We can imagine that the two protagonists will merge into a single creature both male and female. With all their capacities brought together by the strength of their love. The perfect combination to access the next scene in harmony with themselves and stronger.

Snapshots by PralineB at Hypergrid Story – All the pictures are raw shots and made with the viewer Firestorm.
Character realised with Make Human by PralineB.
Terraform & Build by Cherry Manga
Storyline of scene 06 by PralineB & Cherry Manga

Special thanks to the authors/compositors for sharing their soundtracks:
Alpha1 / Music Screen
Lazer Pond by Warrior Squares / Free Music Archive
FreeBeard by Kosta T / Free Music Archive
Grandioso / Music Screen


Thank you to Nara Malone for inviting us to participate at this project. Its very exciting and our summer will be well occupied 😉
July 2015.

This project has been developed by a dedicated group of authors, 3d artists, scripters and developers within the Open Sim community under the final name « Immersive Edge »


Immersive Edge by Nina Camplin aka Fushia Nightfire

Immersive Edge is still playable at NextDimensionTales
For hypergrider

Website Immersive Edge